Luna, Gluten Detection Service Dog, Celiac Service Dog. Gluten Detection Trainer. Scent Detection Trainer. Dog Trainer. Luna, a gray and white Alaskan Klee Kai, is sitting on grass facing the right. Her head is turned to face the camera. She is wearing a teal bandana featuring the Luna Service Dogs Inc. logo. The bandana says "Service Dog Do Not DIstract" embroidered in purple.


Service Dog Training

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Luna Service Dogs Inc. offers private, in-person or online distance learning lessons. Using Zoom, a free video conference program, we coach owners how to train their own service dogs, and owners who wish to learn scent detection dog sports for fun.

For all service dog teams, once all task and obedience training is completed, each team will follow the strict video submission guidelines for scent task testing and public access testing, if not in person or in a live video session with the trainer. Upon completion of training and successful testing, each service dog team receives a certificate of completion.



At Luna Service Dogs Inc., we strongly believe in nurturing a trusting and respectful relationship with your dog. As such, we put the utmost priority on ensuring your dog is trained using scientifically-proven, efficient, ethical, humane, evidence-based and fun methods. There will be NO use of force, pain, intimidation, or fear!

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As a person with Celiac, Christina intimately knows the risks of cross-contamination and the long-lasting, negative effects of accidental ingestion of gluten. With her years of experience in scent detection sports, a completed internship with a professional gluten/allergen detection service dog trainer, and her dedication to ongoing professional development and continuing education, she understands that proper handling of odor is essential to the success of the gluten/allergen detection service dog. In training gluten/allergen detection, it is of utmost importance to never use a powdered form of any allergen.

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Christina recommends all dog owners review Companion Animal Psychology article on How to Choose A Dog Trainer. Additionally, the Pet Professional Guild provides a wealth of information about force-free training, including providing a trainer search feature. Fear Free® and Low Stress Handling® are excellent resources for finding veterinary care, trainers, groomers, and other pet care professionals, and with Fear Free®, you can learn how to make your own home fear-free for your companion animals!

Zephyr, Gluten Detection Service Dog, Celiac Service Dog. Gluten Detection Trainer. Scent Detection Trainer. Service Dog Trainer. Zephyr, a red and white Alaskan Klee Kai, is pictured during a NACSW NW1 trial in an exterior. He is near a silver metal trash can on the right side of the picture, his back is arched as he puts his nose near the base of the trash can as he searches for the source of the odor. Zephyr is wearing a turquoise and black harness

Scent Detection Training
for Dog Sports

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Zephyr, Gluten Detection Service Dog, Celiac Service Dog, Gluten Detection Trainer, Scent Detection Trainer, Service Dog Trainer. Zephyr, a red and white Alaskan Klee Kai, is pictured during a NACSW NW1 exterior search near a silver metal trash can on the right side. He has just found the source of the hidden odor, he is standing with his body oriented towards the trash can but his face is turned to his right and he is looking up at his handler to give the indication that he found the hidden odor, by making eye contact. His mouth is open and smiling with tongue hanging out. Zephyr is wearign a turquoise and black harness and is on a black leash.
Luna Service Dogs, Inc., Service Dog Trainer, Scent Detection Trainer, Nosework Trainer. The Luna Service Dogs Inc. logo features in the center a black silhouette of a running dog facing to the right, the dog is riding on top of a teal broomstick, flying over a royal purple crescent moon on the right. The background is a lilac purple, with the words "Luna Service Dogs Inc" in teal in an arc, on the left, completing the circle of the crescent moon.
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