Maera, Gluten Detection Service Dog, Celiac Service Dog. Maera, a black and white Alaskan Klee Kai, stands on a Klimb platform in a conformation stack, facing left. On the front of the Klimb are four rosette ribbons (two are blue and yellow for best of breed, one red and silver for group second, one green and silver for group third) and two flat ribbons (blue and green for champion class winner).


Gluten Detection Service Dog



Maera, a miniature Alaskan Klee Kai, joined the Luna Service Dogs Inc. family in December 2017, a pleasant surprise, and a very welcome addition to the family. At that time, plans were already in motion to bring in a puppy within a year, yet little Maera came along and enchanted her breeder, everyone she met, and Christina as well. She has an amazing temperament: confident and sociable, curious and intelligent, she quickly demonstrated an aptitude for scent work, and a love for training games. 

In just four UKC conformation shows, Maera far exceeded expectations earning her Championship at 9 months old, without breed competition, by placing in the Northern Group four times against more mature and solid competition.


Maera has proven to be an exceptional breed ambassador, well rounded and versatile, she has received consistent praise by judges and trainers alike on her wonderful and stable temperament and friendly and social nature. She loves to learn and is always eager to try new things. 

Maera Gluten Detection Service Dog, Celiac Service Dog. Maera, a black and white Alaskan Klee Kai puppy, is sitting in green grass, facing the camera with a smile and open mouth. She is wearing a teal bandana with the Luna Service Dogs Inc. logo, the bandana says "Service Dog in Training"
Maera, Gluten Detection Service Dog, UKC Champion Title, UKC SPOT-ON, CGC CGCA TKI Titles. Maera, a black and white Alaskan Klee Kai, is sitting in green grass facing the camera. In front of her are various ribbons and rosettes representing the titles she earned this day.
Maera, Gluten Detection Service Dog, UKC Rally 1 URO1 Title, High in Trial. Maera, a black and white Alaskan Klee Kai, sits on top of a Klimb pedestal, wearing a purple, white, and yellow "high in trial" rosette ribbon. Next to her, to her left side, on the Klimb is a star shaped "high in trial" trophy. On the front of the Klimb are four light blue qualifying ribbons, one each first through fourth place ribbons, and in the center a turquoise title rosette.
Maera, Gluten Detection Service Dog, Barn Hunt Instinct Title. Maera, a black and white Alaskan Klee Kai sits on a stone ring at the base of a tree, wearing a purple rosette title ribbon.
Maera, Gluten Detection Service Dog, Barn Hunt RATN Title. Maera, a black and white Alaskan Klee Kai, sits facing the camera, between a Rally Obedience sign and her RN title certificate, with a pink and purple title ribbon.


Champion - CH (UKC)

Grand Prix International Champion - GPI-CH (I.C.E.)


Rally Obedience 1 - URO1 (UKC)

Barn Hunt Instinct - RATI (Barn Hunt)

Barn Hunt Novice - RATN (Barn Hunt)

Novice Stunt Dog with Honors - NSD (DMWYD)

Open Stunt Dog with Honors - OSD (DMWYD)

Proven Stunt Dog with Honors - PSD (DMWYD)

Level 1 International Canine Ninja ICN (I.C.E.)

Level 2 International Canine Ninja ICN2 (I.C.E.)

Level 3 International Canine Ninja ICN3 (I.C.E.)

Level 1 International Master Ninja IMN (I.C.E.)

Level 1 International Ultimate Ninja IUN (I.C.E.)

Agility Course Test Level 1 - ACT1 (AKC)

Fast Coursing Ability Test - BCAT (AKC)

Rally Novice - RN (AKC)

Rally Intermediate - RI (AKC)


Odor Gluten and Allergen Detection - OGAD (O.D.O.R.)

Socialized Pet Obedience Test - Outstanding Neighbor - SPOT-ON (UKC)

Canine Good Citizen - CGC (AKC)

Community Canine - CGCA (AKC)

Farm Dog Certified - FDC (AKC)

Trick Dog Novice - TKN (AKC)

Trick Dog Intermediate - TKI (AKC)

Trick Dog Advanced - TKA (AKC)

Trick Dog Performer - TKP (AKC)

Novice Trick Dog - NTD (DMWYD)

Intermediate Trick Dog - ITD (DMWYD)

Advanced Trick Dog - ATD (DMWYD)

Expert Trick Dog - ETD (DMWYD)

Champion Trick Dog - TDCH (DMWYD)

I.C.E. Got Talent IGT (I.C.E. Tricks)

Canine Conditioning Fitness Level 1 - CCF1 (DMWYD)

Canine Conditioning Fitness Level 2 - CCF2 (DMWYD)

Canine Conditioning Fitness Level 3 - CCF3 (DMWYD)

Canine Conditioning Fitness Level 4 - CCF4 (DMWYD)

Canine Conditioning Fitness Champion - CCF-CH (DMWYD)

Triple Crown Level 1 (DMWYD)

Triple Crown Level 2 (DMWYD)

Triple Crown Level 3 (DMWYD)

Pet Dog Ambassador Level 2 - PDA2


AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy® (AKC)

Conformation Group 1st (UKC) 

Conformation Group 2nd x 4 (UKC)

Conformation Group 3rd x 3 (UKC)

Conformation Group 4th (UKC)

Achiever Dog (AKC)
High in Trial Rally Obedience 1 (UKC)

Rally Obedience 1 - 1st place (UKC)

Rally Obedience 1 - 2nd place (UKC)

Rally Obedience 1 - 3rd place (UKC)

Rally Obedience 1 - 4th place (UKC)

Universal Dog UND (I.C.E.)

Versatility In Performance VIP (I.C.E.)

In this compilation video, Maera is demonstrating her gluten detection task and some public access behaviors: loose leash walking through a store and public restroom etiquette. She raises a paw for gluten and makes eye contact for gluten-free. As of March 2019, she has finished training for her primary SD task and passed her O.D.O.R. Service Dogs Gluten Detection Standards Test. She continues to refine her public access behaviors, but will not officially graduate until she is at least 18 months old and passes her Public Access Test.