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Gluten Detection Service Dog

URO1 PTM PTA 'PR' Kenai's Circle of Life cgc CGCA CGCU TKP ORT NW1 L1I DDN


Luna Service Dogs Inc. takes its name from a very special little dog. Without Luna, none of this would have been possible. In addition to being task trained for gluten detection, Luna also alerts to Christina's migraines, often hours before they strike. Luna is a little social butterfly and loves everyone she meets. She is an amazing breed ambassador for the Alaskan Klee Kai, a breed not typically known for its outgoing nature. She is a workaholic and loves her job. Luna is truly a once in a lifetime dog, soulful, empathetic, eager to learn and happy to try any new adventure. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a heart-dog like Luna.


Odor Recognition Tests - ORT (NACSW)

Nose Work 1 - NW1 (NACSW)

Level 1 Interiors Element - L1I (NACSW)

Rally Obedience 1 - URO1 (UKC)

Pre-Trial Novice, Advanced, Master - PTN, PTA, PTM (UKC)

Containers Novice - CN (USCSS)

Vehicles Novice - VN (USCSS)

Interior Novice - IN (USCSS)

Exterior Novice - EN (USCSS)

Detection Dog Novice - DDN (USCSS)


Canine Good Citizen - CGC (AKC)

Community Canine - CGCA (AKC)

Urban Canine Good Citizen - CGCU (AKC)

Novice Trick Dog - TKN (AKC)

Intermediate Trick Dog - TKI (AKC)

Advanced Trick Dog - TKA (AKC)

Trick Dog Performer - TKP (AKC)


NW1 - 2nd Place Containers (First Klee Kai to earn a scent work title in any venue)

CN - 4th Place Containers (USCSS)

EN - 4th Place Exterior (USCSS)

Rally Obedience 1 - 1st place x 2 (UKC)

Rally Obedience 1 - 2nd place (UKC)

Rally Obedience 1 - 4th place (UKC)

Achiever Dog (AKC)

Here is a compilation video of Luna's gluten detection training (paw raise indicates gluten, eye-contact indicates gluten-free):